“Poor little 'Napkin'! Of course you know that 'Napkin' is Louis Napoleon's little baby: perhaps you don't know that his mamma does not nurse him herself. I wonder does she know how much pleasure she loses by not doing it? I wonder does she know how sweet it is to wake in the night, and find a baby's soft little hand on her neck, and his dear little head lying upon her arm? I wonder does she know how beautiful a baby is when it first wakes in the morning, raising its little head... and gazing at you wiyh its lustrous eyes and rosy cheeks, so like a fresh-blown dewy flower? I wonder does she know how delicious it is to give the little hungry rogue his breakfast? No, no; poor Eugenia! Poor empress! She knows nothing of all this. She has had all a mother's pain, and none of a mother's pleasure. She hires a woman to nurse and sleep with little 'Napkin'. - Sara Parton, 1857 cytat pochodzi z książki "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding"”

– Poor little Napkin

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